We find and build businesses that can become global or regional leaders

CMIA is an active investor, supporting our portfolio companies to develop strategies, hiring talents and expand businesses. The CMIA team work in partnership with management team to build brands and businesses to the next level.


Bitsmedia is the owner and publisher Muslim Pro, the world’s largest mobile app serving the global Muslim community.


WatchBox is a global leading platform for collectable luxury watches. WatchBox attracts a premium customer base of High Value Collectors and provides them unparalleled access to the greatest collection of collectable luxury watches, from major brands to leading independent brands.


Oneberry Technologies was founded in 2003 with a vision to automate physical security. Oneberry provides an end-to-end tech-enabled security and surveillance solution to help companies overcome manpower shortage, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Tessaract cloud-native workflow automation platform that helps professionals manage data and cut down repetitive tasks, thereby accelerating growth and improving their client experience.

Ho Chi Minh City Agri-Tech Eco Township

Ho Chi Minh City Agri-Tech Eco Township is a 1,018-hectare mixed development project in the Cu Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Our past investments

The Wine Advocate, the operating company in Singapore behind Robert Parker Wine Advocate, provides digital membership and knowledge base to its numerous users via both its website and mobile application.

SuperOrdinary provides a strong foundational launchpad for global and emerging independent beauty and cosmetic brands looking to establish their presence in China.

Well Bright International, known in China as元盛食品, made a strategic plan to improve its premium product offering. It is the only licensed pure-bred wagyu farming and processing business in China and launched its own brand of China-bred Wagyu products – Longjiang Wagyu.